Tips for Walls, Ceiling & Floor

Basement Finishing Ideas – What are the most cost effective ways to remodel the basement? Welcome to Burning Questions.

Burning Question for today. Let’s say you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to remodel your basement what can you do to give it a more finished look? I got three great tips that we have done in the past for a number of our clients on a limited budget so you have currently this raw unfinished basement.

First, I’m going to recommend spraying the ceiling joists and pipes and ductwork in a flat black finish. You will see this in many of commercial retail stores and the effect creates a void above the light fixtures. Very cool and very simple secondly. Let’s put a paint on all of the concrete walls preferably a light color to make it light as possible since there is not a lot of natural lighting in the basement. It will brighten the room and make it feel cleaner and bigger.

A third suggestion is to acid stain or paint the floor. It is cost effective, keeps the dust down and if for any reason you get water in your basement you don’t have to tear up flooring. It would just require you to just mop up the water, throw some fans down and you’re good to go this is a much more cost-effective alternative to your basement that will provide extra space for the kids or for that special family event. You won’t have to break the bank to make this happen.

I think you’ll be surprised if a little creativity is put into your basement remodeling, you can make that additional space look like a million bucks but not necessarily spend the king’s ransom.