Tips for Installing Big Doors on a Seamless Indoor Outdoor Style Home Build

This is standard on Andersen, their competitors it’s a big up charge to get protective film. The labeling each, panel tells you where it belongs when you install it. So this sticker is a big deal, with a picture, not just “panel 2 of 4”. What’s panel 2 of 4 mean? We got 12 panels on this job that came in a big crate. So you have 2 of 4 of S31 so now you know the location in the house, and that helps with the whole ease of installation.

I took footage while we were installing it too of how they came in and we have Gunther operating it right off the bat before any of this floor. So as far as the seamless transition, Asking, “How’s this going to look when it’s done?” She didn’t ask how it looks on the inside. Last time she came she would have asked that “Why is there this big step here?”, because it was all designed for the wood to flush out. So now you don’t ask that because it just makes sense, but she’s going to ask “what’s this out here?” Well this is going to get built up to be right below here.

So, the grading, which way do you want water to go? Away from the structure, right? And how do you keep from having water come into your structure? Don’t let it get there. Have a big overhang A front dam is what we call versus a back dam So, on the threshold or the bottom of the door is a dam that allows the water to hit the system and roll away. The best way to have a seamless inside to outside is to have a front dam, a big overhang, so water is way out there at the pool and can’t even get in here.

So, that’s the construction talk of all of these things to where it all gets built up and you’re kind of seeing it in in action here.