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Armchair engineering for the very young!


Nina and the Neurons Go Engineering

The target audience for this new series is somewhat younger than we’re used to, but why not start to nuture their interest in engineering whilst they are very young?!

Nina and the Neurons return to CBeebies with a new 25 x 15 minute series investigating some amazing feats of engineering.

From towering skyscrapers and underground tunnels, to car-making robots and roads for cars, engineering is integral to everyday lives. Nina (Katrina Bryan) is joined by her trusty Neurons, and a team of inquisitive young engineers, to find out more.

Nina and her junior engineers explore the country to investigate a fascinating question before heading back to the lab where Nina shows them more about each subject before they get hands-on and put into practice what they have learnt. Viewers who want to find out more about engineering have the chance to get hands-on at home by visiting the Nina and the Neurons website

The series starts Monday 14th January at 4.30pm.  There’s even a ‘Go Engineering’ song…!