Gary Glover

Young Engineers Club Leader at St Bede’s RC School in Peterlee, Durham
Gary runs the club which took the crown as the 2010 Young Engineers Club of the Year at the National Club Awards event in Manchester this year.

“Our club aims to promote all elements of Engineering, Design and Technology through a range of projects and competitions. We aim for students to interact with real life problems, team building and working with the community. Our club runs with over 200 students undertaking a range of projects both in school, college or home and is regularly running 7 days a week with contact through email, telephone and pupils own home based team meetings. Older members mentor younger students and even do initial judging of teams to short list entry to competitions. A recent example would be with the F1 teams where last years members judged this years younger teams in the same way they were judged over previous years at the Nationals. We currently are Young Engineers Club of the Year, North of England Best Engineering Club, F1 in Schools Champions, Rapid Toyota challenge PIC winner and National finalists and have awards for various other competitions including KNEX, Goblin, BAA Gatwick Airport racing buggy challenge, East Durham Challenge etc.

Success breeds enthusiasm and the teams regularly meet both in school, at home and during holidays, with a major emphasis been on promoting independence, support targeted to team needs with the Team Leader and other staff regularly on hand to support team generated needs.”

– Gary Glover, Head of Technology, St Bede’s RC