Airbus project eggs factor

Project Eggs Factor – (age 7-19)

Be prepared the dynamic duo are due for launch in January 2012!

Captain Egg and Lieutenant Oueff are preparing for their latest mission!
“The Eggtastic Voyage”
Think about an egg

Think about two eggs

Think about a chicken egg and a quail egg
Think about launching them into the next exciting challenge!

Captain Egg and Lieutenant Oueff have been working hard for the past 5 years with the Project Eggs Factor competition, and now they will embark on their greatest endeavour.
A brand new mission with sky high goals! Together they will achieve the heights of success! (And hopefully avoid a crash landing). We want Capt Egg and Lt Oeuf to go to infinity and beyond! For them to boldly go where no fowl have gone before.

Its coming soon, be prepared, for mission control is waiting for ………YOU!

This latest egg activity will focus students on designing, building and launching an aircraft into the air whilst carrying both a chicken and quail egg. It is capable of being run in a school or even as a stand-alone activity by companies, educational groups etc but requires students to conduct some basic research about the aerospace industry and in particular space tourism. It can be run over a number of sessions or can be shortened according to the requirements of the session.

The aircraft design will be limited by specific size and weight criteria and it will not be powered. Students will also be required to design and build a launch device and to produce a system to ensure that its ‘cargo’ remains intact during flight and landing.