Home Security Tips and DIY Ideas

So you want to learn more about home security? Yes, I just moved into this neighborhood and it seems safe, but you can’t be too careful, right? Right today there’s so many options.

Not long ago, you had to hire a company to install the hardware and monitor the system. But today, thanks to advances in wireless technology through things like smartphones and mobile apps, any DIYer can easily install these systems. There’s not even any need for drilling or knocking holes in the wall. That’s wonderful I picked up a couple different wireless alarm systems and I’m hoping you can help me out.

Sure I can These systems are great. They contain a lot of the same components and hardware the traditional systems do. Control panels, motion detectors, sirens. But these connect wirelessly and in some cases can contact emergency responders.

But what if my system isn’t monitored. Well it’s okay, there’s actually systems that will send an alert to your smartphone or tablet letting you know that alarm has gone off. There’s some systems that will also let you know the nature of the alarm and the location in the house in which the alarm is activated.

What else would you recommend? Well, there’s a lot of things we can do outside your home. You want to go take a look? Let’s do it Let’s go Exterior lighting is an important part of home security and it’s a real deterrent to crime. Motion activated lights work best because they save energy by being on only when they’re triggered.

Most are adjustable and allow you to set the range and distance LED versions can save you even more money because they’re more efficient. That’s a great spot for one right there. That’s perfect Any other ideas? Yeah, another thing you can do is install a security camera.

Those are available in both wired and wireless. Wonderful Wired ones typically display higher quality video, but they’re a lot more difficult to install. The wires may restrict where you can install them. Wireless ones can be placed anywhere and are pretty simple to install.

If you decide to go with wireless cameras, be sure to select ones with an encrypted signal. The last thing you want to do is get hacked One of the great things about today’s cameras are that both types can be monitored with an app so you can keep an eye on your home wherever you are on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. That’s great to know because I travel a lot. There’s one more thing for you to look at. Let’s go look at this cool doorbell.

It’s a doorbell with an HD camera that connects to your Wi-Fi. It has audio so you can see and hear whoever’s at your front door from wherever you are via your cell phone, tablet or computer.