Pure Clean PUCRC15 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Pure Clean PUCRC15 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is automatic, multi-surface cleaning wonder that comes in an attractive, compact design. The handy device saves valuable time vacuuming around the house. It gets the vacuuming done faster, quicker, and efficiently in a hassle-free manner. Read on to see why the product is a veritable must-have to aid housework.


The product has an amazing ease-of-use feel to the entire design. It has three levels of cleaning modes. Depending on the size of the room and how badly the floor needs cleaning, you can choose between 10 min, 20 min & a maximum of 90 minutes modes. Set the desired timing and the device gets to work, pronto. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures that the device need not be connected to a power source while working.

This provides it the freedom of motion to get to the nooks and corners of the floors without hassle. The green and white colors of the product gives it an appealing countenance.With a garbage tray that opens for easy disposable, the device is a bag-less operation. The product can self-navigate and detect any obstacles or furniture in its path and work around them while dusting and vacuuming the rooms in a random pattern. The low profile and compact size of the product makes it easy not only to slip freely under furniture during the cleaning process but also to be stored easily. The product comes with a charging cable.


Pros & ConsPure Clean PUCRC15 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a product designed to accommodate and aid housecleaning in a miraculous way. The compact design, obstacle detection, and self-programming features make it perfect to just slide in under and around the furniture to vacuum every inch of the floor with ease. The wireless facility gives it the range of motion to reach surfaces without getting tangled in the cable. Easy garbage disposable tray adds to the overall convenience of using the product.

The only downside to the product is that while it can be used to vacuum hard wood floors, tiles, and low carpet floors, it does not work on thick or shag carpets.

Customer Opinion

Most of the Amazon customers, in their reviews of the product, rave about how convenient it is to use the product in a busy household with enough and more to clean on a regular basis. The product is considered to be comparatively reasonably priced with an exceptional ability to clean smooth surfaces like kitchen linoleum. Some of the customers seem to have trouble getting it to work on carpets. One customer in particular was thrilled about having received extra replacement brushes with the product. Pure Clean PUCRC15 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a delightful addition to your housecleaning supplies. Reasonably priced with ample features to make it convenient to use, the vacuum cleaner is perfectly designed to ease your work around the house.