Engaging Junior Engineers

We have some fantastic activities to introduce primary students to the world of engineering!  From simple activity ideas to point you in the right direction to events fully delivered by our own Young Engineers team.  With the exception of our STEM Challenge Events all our activities are completely free thanks to the generous support of our sponsors.

Whether you want to:

  • Try out our sample activities to whet your group’s appetite.
  • Kick start an engineering or technology initiative with Launchpad, the start-up membership designed for schools, clubs and individuals. Take part in our Beginner activities with the Wheels in Motion theme, all designed to get you started!  Launchpad also provides you with the members’ handbook which gives valuable guidance on how to get the most from your membership.
  • Enter competitions such as Project Eggs Factor and Krazy Racers – share your solutions to our challenges whilst staying put!
  • Borrow our kits and run a Making Knexions event in school or in partnership with your local secondary school.  We loan the activity kits and provide a full educators pack, enabling you to run a successful engineering interaction with your students.
  • Get us to come to you and lead the way with a STEM Challenge Event – we’ll have your groups building their team working and interpersonal skills as they design and construct – choose from bridges, rockets, drag racers and hydro-electric generators!

Taking part in any of our activities gives you membership to the Young Engineers network.

For members: As well as enjoying and being inspired by our activities, our membership packs help to motivate involvement or reward success – and we haven’t forgotten to provide a little reward for our amazing group leaders who help to make it all possible!