Lighting Tips at a Glance

There are 3 types of lighting called layers of light: ambient, task and accent. First is ambient lighting– or general – lighting

This is the overall lighting every room needs Pendants, chandeliers, even floor lamps fill the room with enough overall light to work, read and play. Second, add task lighting in pinpointed areas where you need intense, direct light Chopping vegetables? Put an under-cabinet light here, or a mini pendant here and here reading the mail? Set a desk lamp here.

Third, accent lighting spotlights things and helps balance your lighting. Want to light artwork or other collectibles? Install a track light here Or highlight your mantel or fireplace? Install wall sconces here and here Have some fixtures on dimmer switches so you can lower the light and ramp up the mood. Just be sure the light is dimmable first.

And if you find a fixture you like, check to see if it’s part of a collection. Finally, don’t forget light bulbs – and be sure they’re compatible with your light fixture. With the right blend of ambient, task and accent lighting, your home’s lighting is complete.