Young engineer for britain competition

The competition aims to encourage and reward creative, innovative and unique marketable projects.

The prestigious Young Engineer for Britain competition highlights the innovation, enterprise and skill of our future workforce. It provides both a regional and national showcase for the best creative projects within engineering, technology and design from UK students aged 12–19. Young Engineer for Britain encourages students, both as individuals or in a team, to use their imagination to create, design, develop and manufacture an original idea for a commercially viable device or system that could be an everyday task, a social need or a brilliant innovation.

Students projects can go on to be fully developed and marketed enabling the participant to realise their full potential. Extensive competition support is available to students. Top projects often become commercial successes and it’s proven track record shows it is respected within both industry and academic environments, students often term it as ‘life changing’ and participation in this 30+ year competition is to be found on many a successful engineers CV.