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About Young Engineers

Young Engineers’ aim is to inspire young people to develop an interest in engineering, and, in doing so, recognise the importance and excitement of engineering as a future career.

Young Engineers is a registered charity that manages a national network of extracurricular engineering clubs in both the primary & secondary sectors. It’s high profile engineering competitions include Young Engineer for Britain for secondary school students and Junior Engineer for Britain K’NEX Challenge for primary pupils as well as engineering competitions for its national sponsors, Project Eggs Factor and Regional Challenge Days, which are open to all UK based students.

Young Engineers Clubs open students’ eyes to the diversity of activities that are involved in engineering and illustrate the enormous impact that engineering has on the modern world.  It is designed to encourage girls as well as boys into this exciting career area and some 37% of current club members are female.A wide range of activities aim to encourage young people to develop an interest in all things to do with engineering and technology and hopefully then follow a career in engineering through either the higher education route or as technicians and apprentices.

Young Engineers Competitions highlight the innovation, enterprise and skill of our future workforce. Participation in our competitions can help students personal skills in communication, presentation, team working, numeracy and literacy, thereby better preparing them for entry into the workforce.  Above all, our exciting range of activities is sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of all ability levels, making them suitable for those with learning difficulties and for the gifted and talented.