Club network

The Young Engineers Club Network

The Club Network supports the setting up of extra-curricular engineering clubs and enriches the activities of existing clubs.  If you run, or want to run, any kind of extra-curricular engineering related activities, you are eligible to join our network!*

We act as an information hub providing details on all the quality UK youth engineering initiatives available.  The network is FREE to join largely due to the generous support of our sponsors.

The Benefits of membership

  • Club Handbook
  • Activity Bank
  • Club Grants
  • Discounts
  • Young Engineers Challenges and Competitions
  • Events Calendar
  • Club Leader Forum
  • Support Pages
  • Recognition and Rewards
  • Newsletter
  • Media coverage

Young Engineers Club Activities count towards the skill section of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and students have also found it useful subject matter at university interviews! See our Success Stories section and Find Out More About Clubs in Our Network.  We also know of several Young Engineers Clubs that have also had a positive mention in school Ofsted reports!

Remember joining is FREE and there is no obligation to commit yourself to any further involvement, allowing you the freedom to run your club the way that suits you and your club members’ interests, safe in the knowledge that you are now part of a national network, who you can call on for support when you need it.


Details on the Benefits of membership:

Our club handbook ‘How to Start a Young Engineers Club’ compiled by experienced club leaders provide those starting up engineering clubs with practical advice on topics such as starter activities, seeking outside help and funding.

With separate editions for primary and secondary clubs, the handbooks cut the waffle and are packed with great ideas and sound practical advice.

Activity Bank 

The Activity Bank provides our club network with a choice of tried and tested engineering activities, giving them access to ready made ideas for club sessions.  In the main, they are written by club leaders for club leaders!

The majority of the activities not only give information on what to do, but also provide details on the cost of the activity, worksheets, extension ideas, technical explanations and curriculum links.

A powerful search engine allows club leaders to specify exactly what type of activity they are looking for and club leaders can also give feedback on activities and suggest variations or extensions for them.


Club Grants

Club Grants of £50 are availible to network members. To receive a grant all you need to do is complete our simple Club Report Form.  Note that while we are working hard to secure the funding to enable us to provide a grant for every network member who applies, for now the Club Grants will be allocated annually on a first come first served basis, and at the discretion of Young Engineers.


Club network members are entitled to discounts kindly provided by some of our sponsors.  These discounts help to ease the financial burden on clubs and we are working hard to keep increasing the range of discounts available to clubs.

Young Engineers Challenges and Competitions

For Club Leaders who want to stretch their members, the Young Engineers Project Team run several national challenges and competitions  for students aged 7-19.  These exciting activities can be as diverse as inventing new products, to solving how far a quail egg can fly, to providing opportunities for secondary schools to link with their feeder primary schools and even getting pupils to design and build large models out of K’NEX! There is an activity available for all club members no matter their ability!

In addition we can supply information on many other regional and national competitions.

Events Calendar

We are keen to keep our Club Network informed of all the quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities available, so that they can choose activities that suit their students’ interests and their schedule.  Many club leaders comment on being bombarded with literature on the myriad of youth initiatives available and this events calendar makes their lives easier by gathering this information into one place so they can easily see what is happening when and where.

Club Leader Forum

The Forum provides our club leaders with a place to discuss activity ideas and to pick up advice, hints and tips to help them with the running of their club.

Support Pages

Our support pages is a directory pointing our club leaders in the direction of organisations supplying useful resources and activity ideas for their clubs, articles on engineering and career’s advice for students, professional development for themselves, places to take their students and so on!

Recognition and Rewards

Young Engineers understands that it is important to recognize and reward the hard work that goes on all year round and all over the country in individual clubs.

We have two competitions which give clubs in our network the opportunity to get the recognition they deserve:

The Club Awards competition rewards clubs who provide regular, quality engineering activities for their Young Engineers… 

..and the BRAND NEW Leadership Awards allow us to reward the effort of the individuals in the network whose sacrificed spare time and hard work have kept the Young Engineers coming back for more!


For those in our Club Network who don’t use the web regularly, we provide a termly newsletter and can send out brochures of all our competitions.

Media coverage

Being a member of the Club Network enables you to gain media exposure for your club and parent organisation (i.e. your school or youth group).  You can publicise photos of club activities on our website, link your club website to our own and gain local and national media coverage through entering your club into competitions.