Airbus project eggs factor 2010

It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s exciting!

The Challenge

Your task is to design and build a system that will allow two raw hen’s eggs (medium size) to cross a ‘bottomless’ chasm at an angle and climb a cliff without damaging the eggs. The eggs must be moved from one side of a chasm to a way point on a cliff then cross the rest of the chasm and climb another cliff! You are not allowed to touch the eggs at any time during the pick-up/crossing/cliff climb/setdown at the finish point. How the eggs complete their journey is left to the creativity, imagination and discretion of the individual teams but the solutions MUST have a physical structure and not be simply catapult or rocket based solution. The eggs cannot fly or be flown. The minimum width of the chasm is 1.5m
Possible solutions might include: bridges, cranes, cantilever arms and swings. But research, imagination and the creative use of the allowed materials will invariably yield other effective solutions.

Egg Crew

Project Eggs Factor is FREE to enter and is open to all schoos, youth groups, clubs and home entries based in the UK. Interntaional entries can take part but will not be eligible for prizes; they can receive Egg Participation certificates and display videos on the website. Students aged between 7 to 19 an take part. Students may work as individuals or in teams of up to 4 members. Family or friend groups may include a maximum of two adults as part of a team – providing the majority of the work is carrie dout by the student! Schools or other youth groups may only enter students. Teams must consist of students within their own age category.

Think of a name for your team and register your Egg Crew with Young Engineers. There is no limit as to how many teams or individuals a school or club can enter.

Register for Egg Chasm Crossing and Cliff Climb here!

Once registered you will be supplied with :
Official list of approved crossing materials
Full chasm criteria and dimensions for each age group
Point scoring system and prize details
Age Categories

Age Group 3 Primary KS2 or equivalent 7-11year olds
Age Group 2 Secondary KS3 or equivalent 11-14 year olds
Age Group 1 Secondary KS4/5 or equivalent 14-19 year olds

Initial Chasm Criteria
There is no limit upon the number of teams or individual entries.
The eggs must not touch the ‘floor of the chasm’ nor may any part of your egg transport system – nor may your students!
The eggs must cross the chasm – at an angle – and climbing – to the first Way Point then cross and then climb to the second Way Point and finish.
Your solution must meet the criteria specified for your age group.
Only products shown in the ‘List of Approved Materials’ may be used.
All journeys must be verified by an independent adjudicator (teacher, parent etc).
All teams must agree to be honest in their endeavours.
To qualify for awards and a place on the Egg Crossing Boards teams must provide video footage of their crossing to Young Engineers.
Entries that meet the full Chasm Criteria (available upon registration) will be eligible for end of term and end of year prizes.
An Egg Crossing Leader Board on the Young Engineers website will record results and video footage.
Point Scoring & Prizes

A judging panel will review and award points to each entry, a total score will be posted on the Egg Leader Board along with supporting video footage. At the end of the year, the six highest scoring entries in each age category will be reassessed to determine their final end of year score.

The judging criteria will cover: Design, Construction, Ingenuity/Creativity, Chasm Crossing, Cliff CLimb and Mechanical Devices. A maximum of 200 points is available.

Certificates: will be awarded to all teams that send in video entries.
Egg Leader Board: goodies will be given to the students of all entries shown on the Egg Leader Board.
Egg Leader Board Award: (end of Term 1 and 2) £200, Trophy to best three entries with goodies and certificates to students.
National science and Engineering Week: £75 to the three best video entries from schools or clubs during the month of March.
Flight Leader Award:£375 and Trophy, given to the best overall entries at the end of the academic year.
Endeavour Award: £150, trophy given to two deserving entries.

Young Engineers reserves the right to amend the prizes and awards and will inform entries of any such changes.

Egg Timetable


Term 1 End Date – 16th December 2009
Term 2 End Date – 16th Aprill 2010
NB: Special National Sciene and Engineering Week Entries – All of March
Term 3 End Date – 16th July 2010

All end of term dates will finish at 17.00 UK time. All entries received after the end closing date will be carried forward to the next term and be added to the Egg Leader Board!

Register for the Challenge

Please click on the link and complete the email form in as much detail as possible. Upon receipt Young Engineers will provide you with further information on the challenge.


Young Engineers Contact Details:

Please contact us if you have any queries!

Email Young Engineers project team

We hope you enjoy the new challenge and look forward to receiving your videos!
Q: Why did the eggs cross the chasm and climb a cliff??????
A: To win a fantastic and eggciting reward!