How to paint and roll walls like a pro

We’ve finished all the cutting in. It’s now time for the easy part of rolling the walls. On the ceiling they use the roller pole, and I’m going to do exactly the same on the walls. But the reason for that is I’m not stretching up at the top and neither at the bottom and i’m also very very close to wall. So I’m gonna get maybe some paint all over me, but also I can’t see how good a finish I’ve got, okay and again once i have this roller pole on, I’m standing back can actually see any mistakes that i’m making. So, if you just refer back to my other videos about how you load a roller pole up, okay, just twist on screw it.

Then we’ll load the roller I’ve got a slightly damp roller now. This is still in fantastic condition after wash the last time. There’s no rough edges or flat edges to it. Okay, so just will go to roll up don’t forget we dont dip it in straight away. Let’s roll it across the top, and it’s worthwhile spend just a little bit of time getting it worked in. And the several different methods you can use here. You can go up and down or people use a W, I’ll. Show you the two again these walls are quite porous. So we get paid for putting paint on. Don’t be scared of putting to much paint on it. How to paint and roll walls like a pro.

I’m not going at the very top I’m not going to the very edge. Starting around there. You can see all that paint on there Ready? Up and down Rolling Okay, again I’m using a long pile roller for this. How to paint and roll walls like a pro. Now we’ve got that first section on then gently, just lay off as we do with our brush up and down, no pressure on this roller. Next one, this one I’ll do a w-shaped. So you can see the two different methods. You can do this, so there’s the w and then you just fill it in. See how the roller is kicking out these little little droplets, we will sort those out in a second. How to paint and roll walls like a pro. There is quite a few paint defects happening here see those ridge marks? And we’ve got some droplets here. That are just flicking off the top of this roller. We’ve got these ridge marks here! And again – just lay off Up and down, no pressure on the roller. Just a little one there. Okay, next one We’ve got another ridge that’s happening here Again, lay off with a dry roller no paint on this now. The ridge disappears So, I’m just going to carry on and finish the rest of the room.