How to fix an iPhone screen with digitzer issues

Do you have an iphone that was brought in for repair and the screens digitizer is not working even though the screen is not broken? Here at gadget mechanics, we experimented with several things and found a promising solution. Digitizers suddenly fail to work for various reasons, and replacing one is expensive. I think we have found a possible solution, solider flux. First, apply a small amount of flux onto the pins of the connector. Make sure to put it on both sides.

Starting with the top part of the connector, use the soldiering tip to carefully heat each pin. Make sure to avoid the flex cable because this part will melt easily. Next, heat the other side of the connectors in the same way. After you have finished, make sure to clean off all flux using alcohol and a tooth brush. When you reinstall the screen, the digitizer should be significantly better.

You may need to repeat the process again to achieve full digitizer functionality. This will be an ongoing experiment. We are trying to find out what pins on the connector effect certain areas of the screen. By targeting certain pins we can possibly restore a digitizer to near perfect condition. If this proves to be a solution to digitizer issues, this could save a lot of money and create easier and faster repairs.