Galaxy S8|S8+ Advanced Tips

Here’s how to customize the side screen (Edge) on your Samsung Galaxy S8. First, open the Side Panel by sliding the Edge tab to the left.

Tap the Settings icon. You can download more side panels or choose other options. Select Now Reorder. Then slide the Side Panels so you can access your favorite tools faster. When finished, type back. Here you can change what appears on your side panel. Select the Panels you want to appear on your Side Screen.

The Tasks panel is one of my favorites. Go back to access more options. Now type the Handle Settings Touch and drag the handle to position the handle of your Side Panel like this. Choose to move the side panel from the left side to the right side and vice versa. Drag under the Size icon to change the size of the side panel.

Then change the transparency to make the panel more or less visible. A transparency of 0% will make your Side Panel the most visible and vice versa. When finished, select Back. There you go! Your side panel is fully customized to your preferences.