Five Tips For Taking Care of Carpets

Your carpet is one of the largest purchases that you can make. It covers the expanse of your home and needs to be taken care of. Carpets can be made out of a number of different materials that need to be treated a specific way. However, there are some general tips for taking care of carpets that you should know.

1. Different types of vacuum cleaners are made for different types of carpet. For instance, if you have a shag carpet or another type of material that has very long fibers, you should use a suction-only vacuum cleaner that has no brush or bars. This will ensure that the fibers don’t get frayed from your vacuum cleaner. The other types of vacuum cleaners to consider are vacuums with rotating brushes, beater bars or a combination.

2. Remember that regular cleaning is the key to a carpet that lasts a lifetime. Use a vacuum to clean your carpet regularly to prevent soil from becoming too embedded into your carpet. After soil is too deep in your carpet, you may have to use a special steam cleaner to lift it out.

3. Set up a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule that involves professional cleaning. Think about having the carpet covering your entire home cleaned professionally about once every year or year and half. You need to consider a few things when setting your schedule – how much is your carpet used? How many people live in the house? How many people come through the home? What type of carpet do you have?

Use these considerations to set a schedule of professional cleaning and maintenance. Call a local professional cleaner and ask them for a little bit of advice.

4. Handle spills the right way! Many people don’t understand how to clean up a spill on their carpet. The first thing that you should do is clean up any solids with a spoon or with your hand. Then, blot out as much of the spilled liquids as you possibly can with a clean white towel or cloth. Then, use any cleaning agent that is appropriate for your carpet. Remember that the cleaning agent should be applied to your towel and not to the carpet itself. Then, do the majority of the drying by blotting your carpet with a towel – apply pressure from above. Finally, allow the area to air dry. You might want to use a fan to help it dry a little bit faster, but never use any kind of heater — this would only set any of the remaining stain permanently.

5. Regularly remove dents from your carpet caused by heavy furniture. You can do this by removing the furniture and stroking the carpet in the opposite direction that the fibers are laying using a coin. Rub the entire over the area of the dent until the fibers are standing straight up. You may want to use a hair dryer to blow warm air on this area during the process. Just be careful not to let the blow dryer touch the carpet and never use a blow dryer anywhere near a stain.